How to Use Facebook Effectively For your Blog / Website

How to Use Facebook Effectively For your Blog / Website

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with million of users. According to my basic knowledge, a good percentage of local peoples are using Facebook daily. We all use Facebook. We chat with our friends, and we share funny stuff even we play games with our friends. It comes in one of the best social sites in the world to hang out for free and even with your buddies.The best thing is that you can hang out for free with your friends and no matter where you are and what you are.

While using Facebook we can see many advertisements, but why? Have you ever thought of that? The reason is marketing.Thousands of companies have joined with Facebook to showcase their product with you peoples and finally to get sales out of it.In some regions, people are getting some good amount of conversions rates.Anyways I’m not going to ask you to invest some bucks on your Facebook account, on the other hand, you can easily use Facebook for free in making your blog a hit.Here is how

  • Traffic

Of course, the first word which comes to your brain after thinking about your blog and facebook is none other than traffic.And it’s quite natural that to make a blog hit you probably need traffic.If you can get good quality traffic, then it will work like a boss in making your blog a hit as well as in getting good conversions.So what you can do is showing your part of Facebook groups.I didn’t mean to share your links continuously on facebook groups and your timeline, and we call that spamming.Never spam! You can engage with others, communicate with them and finally create a network and solve their problems with your blog.Share the post, and they’ll be really happy to read your articles. Hence you get traffic.

  • Branding

If you think that you can quickly brand your blog with some content and looks, then you’re totally wrong. For a blog content is the king.If you are writing some contents which make your readers satisfied then sure thing that your blog is branding up and the things like blog looks, social media activity, etc helps in making your blog a brand easily.But always keep in mind content is king.So increase your social media activity, share your success as well as your failures. I’m sure you’ll move quickly 🙂

  • Easy and Fast Conversions

Conversion rates matter a lot when it comes to ad networks and in affiliate marketing.If you are promoting a product, then you need good conversions.The best thing happening with social media services like Facebook is that you can communicate 🙂 To be more clear you can explain your readers the benefits of using this tool, you can help with their problems, and if it goes well then you can easily get good conversion rates from them.And that’s how it works 🙂

Keep in mind these three killer tips and use it effectively connecting your blog with facebook to get good conversion traffic and engaged high-quality readers.

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