Killer Tips to Increase Adsense CPC

Killer Tips to Increase Adsense CPC

We all use AdSense, and even I’ve seen many bloggers and website owners choosing Adsense as their main source of income.If you ask me about considering Adsense as a primary source of revenue, then I should say that’s, not at all safe, but if you are a premium AdSense publisher then don’t worry about it :). If you are a normal Adsense publisher, then the life of your Adsense account is unpredictable because according to my experience AdSense is not safe for normal publishers still if you play good and if you are obeying the Adsense rules perfectly then you’ll get paid no issues, and everything is quite safe.

Many of the newbie bloggers are asking me the question regarding Adsense but yes the question is quite popular, and its nothing but how to increase your Adsense CPC ( cost per click ) I’m fed up answering these questions again and again, so I decided to write here about increasing your Adsense cost per click.

Important stuff to increase Adsense cost per click.

Target Keywords

This is the killer method even I can say that you will get high CPC with this method for sure no doubts.Adsense advertisers are targeting some long tail keywords which have the potential to increase their conversion, and those keywords are paying.Keep in mind if someone come to your blog searching a high CPC keyword and clicking on your Adsense ad is not going to bring some big $. Here it goes how it works :p I mean I’ll explain to you how it works.

Suppose if you are using a keyword called WordPress themes we can assume that this keyword is having a CPC of $1 in the United States, I’m considering the US because getting $1 per click in India is too difficult. So you wrote an article about WordPress themes and someone from the USA just searched for the keyword WordPress themes and got into your blog, then according to the algorithm of Adsense they’ll show some ads related to the keyword WordPress themes. If the one who is entering your blog is clicking on the ad which is having a CPC of $1 then damn sure you get $1 per click 🙂 simple so now I think you got me If no, please let me know ????

Category Matters

Niche is important just like that your AdSense niche is important and the worst big thingy is that I’m confusing you ???? Aha! just see this example.Suppose if you are running a theme niche (WordPress theme blog) then you should kick out all the other categories which are not matching your niche.It won’t be nice if some of your readers or visitors are watching a sunglass ad on a WordPress theme niche, so kick them out properly undertaking your ideas.The best thing is that you can get a good amount of CTR (Click Through Rate) after applying this method.

For, e.g., If your readers are watching an ad which is related to WordPress themes then, of course, they are tempted to click on that ad 🙂 Simple! So hope that helps in increasing your earnings 🙂

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