Three Paid Methods to Bring Traffic that Converts

Three Paid Methods to Bring Traffic that Converts

Traffic is a very important thing we all need for out blog or website to make money, to make your blog a brand, to bring conversions or even for fame.People need to visit your blog to fulfill your blogging dreams or your business goals. Suppose if you are running a blog then I don’t think investing for traffic is useful, on the other hand, you can spend that money on your blogs SEO or anything else which is quite useful. But if you are running an online business or any online web service which have the potential to convert users into customers then you should try paid traffic, and it’s highly recommended.

But you can find a lot of online services offering a lot of traffic for a very small amount. My friend never waste your money on them, you can see some PTC websites providing a good amount of traffic for small $, but the thingy is that they won’t convert a single traffic. Now, thats a fact! Before investing on traffic, make a detailed plan about your budget and your profit from each and every sale you get. After making a plan think about the three steps I’m suggesting you, choose one or even three according to your budget.

Adwords ? May be

According to my knowledge Adwords marketing is working fine with the current conversion trends.But I should say never ever go with banner advertisement with Adwords because its not that converting and not that useful to get more sales, i nstead you can easily brand your service or product with banner advertising, and that’s not good if you are having a small marketing budget.So what I’m coming to say is try text link ad marketing on Adwords like you can see while you’re searching some keywords then you may see some google ads and frankly they convert right. The best reason is that you are getting pure targeted traffic , for eg : your service is ebook marketing and when some one type like ebook marketing then he may stumble upon your website and check your services. He’s a targeted guy. Hence he can convert a lot.At Least if you can get 1 email for every 5 clicks then that’s enough 🙂 so try Adwords marketing because its totally worth it.

Facebook Page Reach

You may wonder why the hell am I talking about the Facebook advertisement.The reason behind your thought is that you guys don’t really know the real potential of Facebook ads.Facebook ads are good in converting as well as they have a lot of benefits other than sudden conversions but keep in mind their extra benefits helps in getting free conversions in that future, yes I’m talking about Facebook likes.Suppose if you are advertising a link on Facebook you get traffic , some good sales which can manage your ROI and some good amount of likes which is pure targeted ones.You can get a lot of likes which can convert a lot in the future so Facebook is never a bad decision 🙂

A Long Term Investment: SEO

You may have heard of the word SEO aka search engine optimization and to be frank its not easy as you think but the benefits are just amazing.The main advantages of SEO is that they covert a million and you don’t need to run any paid campaigns to enjoy those conversions.If you can get a rank then you’ll get conversions damn sure.According to my experience with SEO I should say that SEO is something great to make damn good money. Before a month I targeted a keyword which is having just 5 search a month just think of that only 5 search a month but the keyword is kinda competitive because the traffic from that keyword will help you in making big dollars.I just tried to rank with my SEO Tactics and yes I’m ranking #1 for that keyword hence I’m making $200 a month from it by doing nothing .Just to make everything clear let me ask you what I invested? Nothing just my time to rank it up and thats 3 days 🙂 simple.

So now you know the real power of SEO, all I can say is set a good amount of search engine marketing budget and hire an SEO who is promising.Take your own time in deciding the right person to hire 🙂 that helps

So guys try these methods, and you’ll get a lot of conversions, and that’s a sure thingy if it doesn’t happen then Ill not use my PC for a week if you know what I mean :p hope that helps 🙂

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