Top 5 Android Games for kids

Top 5 Android Games for kids

This Android smartphones era has given birth to mobile gaming. Not only kids but adults also spend a lot of time playing games on their smartphones. Gaming is the best time pass for kids now-a-days. But, There is a lot of difference in choice of games when it comes between kids and adults.

Adults prefer more of mind puzzles games that are challenging eg. Candy crush saga, Chess, etc. Whereas kids like game with more of action and less mind game like 8 Ball pool and Clash of Clans.

In this article we will share a list of top 5 android games for kids that will provide top games that every child should play atleast once in their childhood.

Top 5 Best Gaming Apps for Android

  1. Angry Birds

    [Price: Free with in app purchases]
    Well, If we add these gaming apps in order of their popularity then its quite obvious that the first position will be taken by Angry Birds. The game has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play store and has many versions. The player has to make a trajectory so that the angry birds can take their revenge from the pigs who stole egg of those birds. The game has a nice story line and is a perfect time pass for kids.

  2. GardenScapes new Acres

    The game gardenscape is the first such game developed by playrix games. Gardenscape is a journey to restore a garden to its former glory. You need to unlock new levels by completing the quests. For each quest you get coins in gardenscapes. Just like any other game you only get limited lives in gardenscapes, you get a new life in every 5 minutes.

  3. Endless Alphabets

    Enrich vocabulary of your child while he is busy in playing games. Endless alphabets is an educational game and kids have to unjumble letters in order to make meaningful words. After each word there comes a popup showing them the actual meaning of that word. The demo version gives only gives a light essence of the game whereas the paid version provides full experience.


    This game is not specifically made for kids but children under 13 yrs tend to like this game because of its addiction. Need to get bigger and eat other weaklings or get eaten by others. you need to get more mass in  in order to become more powerful. The game is developed by leading gaming company Miniclip. The game has more than 10 million installs on play store.

  5. Temple Run

    Temple run was once the most trending game among all age groups. This game has many versions same as like angry birds. Developed by imangi studios this game never ending. You have to run as long as you don’t fall. Temple run oz, Temple run 1, 2 every single part of this series is awesome and even a 7 years old can play this game. After the launch of temple run series many other similiar games were made to give competition like subway surfers.

Here is the list of top 5 android games for your child, Drop your suggestions in comment box if you have more games that you think is perfect for kids then throw them in comment box.

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