Top Free WordPress SEO Plugins For Better SEO

Top Free WordPress SEO Plugins For Better SEO

We all use WordPress plugins in our WordPress blog to enjoy SEO benefits and all other features.Even the WordPress is designed for enjoying these kinda features, and they have a wide range of plugins and themes for a better blogging platform right? So from the bundle of themes and plugins we choose some plugins to make our wordpress platform work good.You may know many famous plugins but there are many other non famous plugins which are very useful for our daily activity on wordpress.

So ,Here I’m going to share the best and useful WordPress free plugins which helps you to manage your Onsite and Onpage SEO of your wordpress blog.Here it goes 5 Free WordPress SEO plugins.

  • Yoast SEO Plugins

This is one of the famous plugin we all use and this is 100% free to use. Yoast SEO plugin is having some good features to analyse the SEO score of a webpage and it has helped me a lot while making a post to rank on Google.You can add the focus keyword to find whether your article is top notch when in terms of keyword.Managing Onpage SEO is one of the important thing we do while writing the article.If you are using bloggers platform its so hard to analyse your Onpage SEO while writing the article.But in WordPress its easy for us to manage the onpage seo using WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin.You can analyse the Keyword usage and social media optimization also.

  • Insights

Interlinking articles is one of the important thing when it comes to onpage seo.The more we interlink our old articles the more we make our readers engaged as well as we have a great chance to improve our search rankings too.So how Insights Plugin can help you? Yeah, Insights plugin is the best plugin to install and it helps us very well to manage the interlinking part of our Onpage SEO.The plugins is having a search features where we can search our own post or the articles from web and interlink that to our articles so that it increases our search rank and decreases our bounce rate.

  • Google SiteMap Generator

Yet another famous wordpress tool which helps us to generate XML Sitemaps to submit on webmasters tools in Gooogle webmasters as well as in Bing and Yahoo too.Making an Onpage SEO optimized articles is not going bring any wonders unless and until you index it on search engines ???? So start generating your XML sitemaps with Google XML Sitemap plugin and start getting search traffic.

  • SEO Friendly Images

This is a wonder plugins which helps in SEO a lot because Optimizing Images is an important part in Onpage SEO ,So getting started with it is a must.Sometimes you may forgot to give proper alt tag or title tag but if youre using SEO friendly images plugin then it will automatically add those alt tags and title tags so that the image optimization is done.

  • WpSocial

Search Engine and Social Media visibility is a major fact that helps us to improve our rank and traffic and even our blogs exposure.So use Wpsocial plugin to get more search visibility as it automatically does its job.So no worries.

You know any WordPress Free SEO plguins? Feel free to drop it in your comments and we need your feedback for sure and feel free to ask your doubts.Keep Visiting us :).

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