Unable to make money blogging? Try another way

Unable to make money blogging? Try another way

We all bloggers always want to make more and more money blogging, but every newbie can’t touch success. After a very much hard work also, they fail to make money blogging, and finally, they leave blogging and all this. There are unlimited ways to make money online and today I am going to tell you about one of them which is very much related to blogging and writing.

The another way is to become a freelancer content writer. Freelance content writer earns much money by writing content for others blog. You will get money for the content you write for others. Generally, price depends upon the quality of article you write for your client.

My blog was/is not making money and also I have to pay money for hosting and domain. Then I thought that if I write content for others, that will make much money that I can pay for hosting and domain. I got one job in which I am currently working, and it is giving me real money (Now I can host many websites and blogs). I got my freelancing work from Facebook, and like me, You can also get work. There are many ways to get freelancing work.

How can you get Job?

There are many ways to get freelancing content writing jobs. I got my job from Facebook groups. So let us Know that how you can get the job from Facebook.

Getting the job from Facebook:

You can easily get your content writing job from Facebook groups. For that, You have to join content writing related groups on Facebook. After getting approval, You can post about the job you want.

There are hundreds of groups with thousands of members in it on Facebook related to content writing and freelancing. Also, There are many bloggers and SEOs searching for content writers. You can publish your post on Facebook groups like:

Hi everyone, I am a freelancer content writer looking for a good job. I have experience in. I can write .. posts with .. words in a day. I charge .. $ per .. words. I want regular content writing job. Interested Contact me.

Posting in as many groups as possible will give you more chances to get a job. After getting the job, You can close that thread because you already got a job.

Getting a job from Fiverr:

Yes, From Fiverr, You can get content writing orders. Fiverr is a site where you can show your talent in anything you are an expert. Here you have to work for 5$ (Fixed price). Create a GIG on Fiverr related to content writing. After creating GIG, Your gig will appear with other gigs in search or categories.

Now you have to wait for the first order. You have to satisfy your first customer. I want to say that he/she should give you a 5/5 or 4/5 ratings which will be responsible for more number of orders from more clients. If you satisfy your first customer, then you will get more orders from more customers.

Getting a job from freelancer.in:

Freelancer.in is the biggest site in which you can hire a freelancer to do your work, or as a freelancer, you can also take any job you want. Freelancer.in is one of the most trusted names for freelancers. But the system is different in freelancer.in. Because you have to bid on the project you want to work. Freelancer contains 13 million users it sounds that there are thousands of content writing projects on which you can work to earn a decent amount of money.

After getting the project on which you can work on, Start bidding on it. If you are the winner bidder of that project, You will get that work to complete.

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