Why You Should Not Try Keyword Stuffing

Why You Should Not Try Keyword Stuffing

Keywords – “ The heart of SEO” Yes, the world Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is a synonymous for Keywords (Kidding) ;). So let’s discuss the matter with keywords. While making a post or article in our blog, we think of many things like Readership, Easiness and especially Search Engine Optimization.So what all things you do on the topic SEO? Keyword research, Keyword usage and especially keyword density. We give a density to certain keywords. Between are you interested in Black Hat SEO if yes then this is not the post for you.

You may or may not be familiar with the word “Keyword Stuffing” but my friend it has some crazy disadvantages which may lead you to quit blogging. You may have heard of many animals from Google. Animals like Penguin, Panda, HummingBird. These are so crazy and known as algorithms of Google. They watch up to your blog day and night and if they find something wrong, Man You’re Hit.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing can be defined as over usage of keywords.There are some limits in terms of using the primary and secondary keywords.If you’re breaking up the limits then you have a chance to get a penguin hit.

Google “Keyword Stuffing.”

According to Google Keyword stuffing is not at all entertained and as I said google is penalizing the blogs with Keyword Stuffing.The main reason is that Keyword stuffing is done by some Black hat SEO guys to rank easily.More the keyword density have a chance to rank easily but keep in Mind that rank won’t last.

How to Know Keyword Stuffing?

While you’re making a post, you may not be thinking of its keyword density, but after making the post, you should check the keyword density. Try some WordPress plugins like EasyWpSEO or YoastSEO where they show whether your article is keyword stuffed or not. If you are using Blogger platform.After making the post click preview and Type CTRL+F then type the keyword you can see the number of times the keyword is used. Make it up that’s it.

How To Remove this Crazy Habit?

Yes, don’t wonder it’s a crazy habit and you may get penalized at any time because of this. Google is so strict because of the growth of Black hat SEO methods done by many other guys. Don’t let that happen because of you. ”Practice Makes a Man Perfect” – Practice practice and practice you’ll learn how to avoid keyword stuffing while writing the article.

Final Verdict

Trying Black hat SEO methods is not at all entertained by me or anyone around the globe.The major thingy is that no blog will last longer if they are trying black hat methods.So please don’t try black hat techniques in SEO as well as don’t stuff your keywords. You don’t know the recovering difficulties after getting a penguin hit.

So, guys, I think now you know how to play safe with keyword density so keep visiting and blog safely. Feel free to ask your doubts and drop your valuable comments and help us to grow.

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