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Magnus7Lab maintain a blog for everything related to technology, blogging, how-to guides, Internet of Things and much more. Here all the content is maintained by Me (Surendra Soni), and I am allowing to Contribute your Work and  show your skills. This purpose is to help the other blogger to gain visibility to blog’s audience and share their talent with all of our followers.

Regulations and Guidelines

  • The article must contain 900+ Words.
  • The quality of the article must be good, helpful for end user (Our Readers 🙂 ), well described and easily user understandable.
  • Make sure that the content that you are going to publish is not similar to any existing article.
  • Use of featured image(810 × 450) is necessary. You must also add appropriate images between articles as you wish.
  • The content that you are posting here, whether it is text or image must not be copyrighted and does not violate any terms. Otherwise, you will be banned permanently.
  • No Self-Promotion is allowed here because author box will show social profiles and a link to its Company/Blog/Website. He/She will get most exposure from there.
  • When your article published after submission, you must have to reply the user comments and help them as much as possible (Very Important).
  • We don’t accept articles from SEO Link Builders. If you are one of those then visit our Contact Page.

How to Submit Guest Post

If you are familiar with WordPress Platform you can proceed to next step but otherwise you can write an article in Microsoft Word and then email it to us at surendra[dot]sonit[at]gmail.com

Get Contributor Account

  1. ​Go to Contact Us Page
  2. ​Please send your desired username, your Email address, profile Details information like First Name, Last Name, Nickname, social profiles links, Complete Bio etc via Contact Us Form.
  3. Personally, We will suggest you make an account in gravatar so that your Avatar in author box at the end of the article can be displayed correctly.
  4. Make sure to fill your Biographical info so that at the end of the article it can appear in Author Box. (Use 3rd person language i.e. He/She instead of I)
  5. In your Google+ Profile add https://magnus7.com in Contributor Section.
  6. Now you have completed all the Pre-requirements, now you can proceed further. We will Manually assign Contributor Account After receiving your request with all required Details.

Publishing the Guest Post

  1. Go to Post -> Add New.
  2. Choose your post format Standard, Video Or Gallery.(If you don’t know what is this keep Standard)
  3. Start writing the title and post content.
  4. You can also disable any unnecessary options from the screen option located at upward right direction.
  5. Select the proper category.
  6. Use Featured Image button to add the featured image and don’t forget to insert images between post.
  7. After you have successfully written a post, Add a Focus Keyword and Meta Description in WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  8. If you are reviewing any product, you can also use Review Settings.
  9. Hit Submit for Review.
  10. Your post will be reviewed, and if it is according to regulations and guidelines, then it will be published within few days.
  11. You will receive an email once your post is published.

If you are still having any trouble, you can Contact Here. I will be glad to sort it out!


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