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Ninja Guide by Surendra Soni. Last updated: April 16, 2018.


Hello My name is Surendra Soni.

I have started my journey as Web Designer from same website called

As a Designer I have designed lots of websites and blogs for my clients & friends to get more knowledge. 

As Most of my friends and clients are from Blogging and pursuing full time Blogging for life, I got lot of chance to get knowlage about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing from them and successfully applied and got success.

So Now Here I am sharing my experience about Starting blogging and setup your first blog and will share more detailed articles about blogging.

Surendra Soni

I was always keen on writing and made it a point to document my life experiences, feelings, day to day activities in a diary at the end of the day. As days went by, this habit of mine gradually made me begin a blog of my own, where I write similar things, but for varied topics.

Why do you need a Blog?

Coined from the terms ‘weblog’, a blog is a kind of a website that you or I can create to represent our written interests. A blog has been a wonderful platform for me, as I can voice my opinions regarding the recent social issues, and let others know about my views too by sharing!
I also use the blog to conduct my business, by actually selling my services or products there, or advertising about others’ products. Sounds great, right?

What are the Benefits of using a blog?

As I can tell you, writing blogs are extremely beneficial for these reasons:

  • It made me a better writer – As the saying goes” practice maketh a man perfect.” Regularly writing blogs made me improve my writing skills in dramatic ways.
  • Expansion of networks – As I shared my blogs more, I gained more popularity. The more frequently I wrote, the more I excelled in networking.
  • Conducting business – I’ve been able to successfully carry out my business online, only by sharing it on a regular basis which serves as a promotion of the commodities.
  • Expressing my opinion – I can be a social media influencer by voicing my valuable ideas through the platform of blogging to the world around!
So If you are interested in starting your own blog and want to follow your passion then here I am providing deep guide about Starting your own first Blog. Below are some steps listed to be followed.

Here’s how to start a blog Steps are:

  • Best Suitable Domain Name Selection.
  • Choosing Suitable Blogging Platform.
  • Register a Domain Name & Selecting Hosting Plan (Optional).
  • Setup your Blog Design (Choosing Design Theme).
  • Creating Fresh Content.
  • Promting Your Blog On Social Media.
  • On Page / Off Page SEO.
  • Generate Traffic & Money.

The goal of this long article (Approx 5000 Words) is to guide new comers from A To Z Process. Like from selecting Domain name till Driving Traffic and Money.

This article will consume your time of approx 30 mins to 1 hr or more based on your niche and understanding.

SO I will suggest you to sit with pen & paper (What I generally Do So) with Cup of Tea or Coffee and make notes together with learning from this guide.

So Are you Ready to dive into world of blogging ?
Let's Get Started!!!

Step 1: Selecting Best Suitable Domain Name

Domain Name: Just like all of us have our own identities, your blog also need a unique name (identity) too. 

When people search for your blog they search by your blog name and its nothing but your unique domain Address. Just like google have their unique domain name as “” you also have to get your blog domain name which is uniquely identify and remember by people.

You always select unique domain name which is already not registered, rare, brand-able and easy to remembered. 

Choosing a domain name is the most important part as you need to put your best foot forward at once – you won’t be able to change your domain name frequently as it’s going to be your band name. So, put a great deal of time in thinking a good domain name while making sure it’s available, because if you don’t choose carefully, you would be stuck with a not-so-good enough domain name and you can’t risk that, can you? 

The good news is domain names are as cheap as $10/year and very easily available. It works exceptionally well if you get a domain name that’s exactly same to your blog name as it increases visibility and exposure. Just stay with this guide and I will help you to get the domain name at much cheaper cost.

Step 2: Choosing Suitable Blogging Platform.

Do you know what is Blogging platform or why we need this ? 

So let me tell you that in simple understanding that “Blogging platform is can be online tool which help you to publish your content to internet. Its kind of service like or which provide content management system (CMS) or Online Software like WordPress which get installed on your hosting give content managing features on your hosting.

If you’re a beginner and a self-hosted blogger, it is best if you choose an open source blogging platform like WordPress where you can easily create a site and upload unique content of your own.

I shall always opt for or because of:
The huge exposure they garner and the user-friendly interface they project with numerous options for customization and improvisation. 

You can garner other blogging platforms which offer you free templates, but none will provide you with an effective platform for WordPress! 

It is completely free and helps you to keep your expenses to a bare minimum while continuing to help you to earn a profit.

Step 3: Selecting Web Hosting.

Web Hosting : Web hosting is a Online space where your actual website data like images, Articles, database are stored. You can assume web hosting be like a Computer which is linked with your blog address (Domain name). So if some one visit to your site then articles, images will be shown from your web host.

The cost of web hosting will be between $2 to $5 / month and you can get good deal for you take plan for year or more.

In market there are lots of web hosting available but you have to select the best otherwise you may face lots of difficulties live server down, Slow loading speed internal server errors and many more. 

A good hosting platform is essential, as it determines how presentably my content is going to appear to my target audience. Though there are numerous hosting companies available on the web, you need to be well-researched to choose the good ones – so always bank on reviews and rankings from users!

A bad hosting company can cost you a lot of customers to money to social media traffic – this is not one of the mistakes you can afford to try out! Slow loading, internal errors, and bugs shouldn’t weigh you down, so choose the ones free from these. If you’re a beginner, go for a basic hosting plan, initially. Sign up for an annual plan as that will help you save some money and get great deals! If you’re making enough money out of your venture, you can plan on investing in Virtual Private Server Plan.


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